Digg Top 5

Here are the top 5 tech stories from Digg, but since I dont like Digg’s website I used Engadget 🙂

1. Epson launches next-gen Ensemble HD Home Cinema System


2. Video: Moto Lab’s multitouch display scalable up to 50-inches


3. Sugar Labs debuts “Sugar on a Stick” beta, for LiveUSB-derived diabetes


4. Raser Technologies develops 100MPG Hummer H3 just to spite Al Gore


This particular article is very relevant to today’s green craze. Although personally i think too much emphasis is being put on mpg’s its a very hot topic for today’s auto industry. Raser Technologies has made a fully electric H3 Hummer capable of 100 mpg on only lithium batteries, very cool.

5. Ten years of TiVo: how far we haven’t come


This article hits a very relevant segment in today’s technology sector, entertainment. It mentions Tivo’s 10th year anniversary, its accomplishments, but most importantly what it has not done, and what it has yet to do with future models. The fact that it is a “custom Linux rig with dedicated HD video hardware, Ethernet, and external storage support — the possibilities are endless.” Still having many things to be built in, such as search engines, youtube, and many other things common to one uses on the computer. Yay Tivo.


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