Internet Privacy Concerns

2. Google Lattitude is a new free application from Google. Essentially it allows you to see where you, and any of your friends are who have it installed on their mobile. You give them your personal number and they use triangulation to track where you are somewhat accurately. Some people raise the argument that they could use your numbers for telemarketers, and spam txt messages. Many people think this is creepy, that Google will know where you are essentially at all times, and many people think they could use this against you. Most likely google will be using this as a mass marketting tool, being able to advertise based on location and what not. People are very scared that the bar is getting raised about releasing our personal information, and many beleive location is too much.

3. With Facebook, and many other social networking programs alike these days, personal information is leaked without effort. If people want to know about you. Through spam adds, or just plain “creeping” if you need personal info about someone, it is easily had through facebook or alike. People can use it to fraud your identity, or use it to take advantage of you with access to your personal schedules and what not.

4. Some people have concerns about their images being used on social networking sites. I am not one of these people, but some things that could hinder a person would mainly be reputation.  Your image could be put into a social networking site without your direct permission and could be used to portray something you didnt intend or give people the wrong idea about you. People you know such as family or employers might also see this if it happened and pass wrongful judgement on you for something that might look to be incriminating but really isnt.

5. No i dont think employers should not use the internet to research possible hires or their current employees. I think privacy is one of our most basic rights as humans. If the employee shows to be a good candidate or proves that he is at work, by showing up on time and doing his/her job then there should be no need to go any further. I think using the internet to research a person is unfair and unconstitutaional, peoples personal live’s are seperate from their work lives, and it shoud remain this way. However I do beleive that employers could and probably do this, I do not agree with it in any fashion but, it probably happens none the less.


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