Presidential Election

President Obama, used much more media to help his campaign than McCain did, did it help his victory margin? Just taking a first glance at each of their websites, John McCain didn’t look like he spent nearly as much money on his, he has banner ads, and little windows everywhere, less features, just doesent look as good as Obama’s. Obama features a very clean looking site which is very appealing to the eye. It’s colours jump out at you and its un cluttered site plus the more features.

Brack’s site features such media extra’s as Barack TV, Campaign Photo’s, computer downloads, mobile ringtunes and wallpapers, and music. His site even features it’s own merchandise store, where you can buy Obama presidential nick nacks.

McCain on the other hand offers a fairly weak in comparison website. It’s colours are un appealing, it has many banner ads, and things on the side that look distracting, and the only media he offers is press releases, tv ads, and speeches, the standard array expected. Not only that but Obama looks better than McCain, I mean thats half the battle, would you trust this man?

Here is an exert from an article about Barack’s use of technology. “Volunteers used Obama’s website to organize a thousand phone-banking events in the last week of the race — and 150,000 other campaign-related events over the course of the campaign. Supporters created more than 35,000 groups clumped by affinities like geographical proximity and shared pop-cultural interests. By the end of the campaign, chalked up some 1.5 million accounts. And Obama raised a record-breaking $600 million in contributions from more than three million people, many of whom donated through the web.” Barack’s campaign online organizer when it hired online director Joe Rospars, a veteran of Howard Dean’s web-heavy 2004 campaign, and lured Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes to build its own social networking site, Obama also utilized text messaging as an effective election tool. He would send out text messages to target the younger voting body at strategic times to secure their votes.

“In many ways, the story of Obama’s campaign was the story of his supporters, whose creativity and enthusiasm manifested through multitudes of websites and YouTube videos online. It even resulted in volunteer contributions like the innovative Obama ’08 iPhone and iTouch application that enabled owners to mobilize their friends and contacts in battleground states through the Apple devices.”

Of course Barack intended his campaigning notions to be viral. All of his youtube video’s and other contenet that got multiplied onto other people’s site’s did nothing but help his cause. His campaign style turned into a pandemic and spread like wildfire through word of mouth very effective.

Obama has merely scratched the surface of what future candidates will be doing. I beleive some of the things that people have seen Obama have success in, future candidates will further explore. Presidential candidates to come will definatley have more involvment in video websites that are very popular such as youtube, and most likely create several accounts and groups on social networking tools such as facebook. Barack exposed a very lucrative way of attaining financial support, and the future presidents will most likely take advantage of this asset as Obama has. Obama’s campaign will go down in history as a textbook way to run a campaign utilising what tools you have at your disposal.



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