3 Technology Stories

RealFiction’s Dreamoc 3D / holographic display demoed on video

This was the first pieice of technology that caught my eye. This is the first attempt and successful attempt at making a holographic video player, and it looks out of this world. RealFiction’s Dreamoc blends holographic technology, 3D imagery and amazing looks that is what we see in the link below. this is a short description of the product ,” this box possesses the innate ability to “mix free-floating animation and video images with physical objects.”  Its not that relevant to me, simply because I would not be able to afford such a magnificent piece of technology, but at the same time shows us where technology is taking us.


Volt to make Star Trek sound effects, buyers to look for mute button

The Cheverolet’s new Volt is a great solution to the newage desire for a greener quieter car. While this eco friendly car will be very quiet as it is solely ran on electricity, we expect to hear some interesting sci-fi sound effects to make up for the lack of internal combustion. GM’s E-Flex Global Vehicle Line Executive Frank Weber saying to expect noises like “when on Spaceship Enterprise you hear the doors close, or use the transporter.” This sound effect feature is intended to bring extra personality to the electric car. You might also hear random blurts, bleeps, and blats when hit certain buttons in the car. My personal opinion is this would probably be a pretty cool feature for about a month, than you would probably get tired of being treated like “Captain Scotty” from Star Trek Enterprise. This sounds very gimmicky, but i’m sure Star Trek Fanboys will be all over this ride.


Shinoda’s 125-inch curved plasma to hit assembly lines by May, all 7.9-pounds of it

Shinoda’s 125 inch curved plasma is simply breathtaking. Some of its amazing features its incredibly light weight of only 8 pounds, and the flexibility of its plasma screens. Its only downside is the un-impressive resoution of 960 x 360. I thnk this TV is ground breaking. It looks amazing, its massive viewing surface would make playing games and HDTV sports broadcasts unreal! I think this is probably the direction of TV’s, now that the LCD and Plasma have been some what mastered, this is a new technology to continue to develope and expand. This TV is sick!



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