Part 3

Eco Media Revolution keeps the wind-up PMP Alive

Just like the rising cost of gas, it’s got everyone thinking about alternative energy sources that are eco-friendly. Thus Trevor Baylis’ Eco Media Player Revolution has a budding fan base. His wind up gadget has 4 GB of built in storage space, SD card slot, and best of all you can connect this gadget to your mobile phone crank it a few times and you can make an emergency call if you’re out of batteries! This will revolutionize the way we live in the sense that we wont need batteries with this efficient handy device, and if your ever in a jam with no cell phone battery to make a call you now can, this gadget will probably get a lot of people of a tight spot.

Viewsonic’s 22-Inch LCD TV Packs inbuilt DVD and TV Tuner

ViewSonic released a new 22 inch LCD monitor, that not only includes a glassy widescreen display but a sharp 1000:1 contrast ratio and a lighting fast 5ms response rate. Not only does it perform very well but also has a built in DVD player and TV Tuner, thus eliminating the need for having these devices inside your computer. These gadgets is a symbol of all technology, its getting smaller, and were being able to pack more things into a tighter space, this will revolutionize technology simply because we can have smaller computers because we will not have to have disc drives or TV tuner cards inside the computer itself.

Movea’s Gyration Works on both Land and Air!

Every get fed up of terrible mouse response when your surface is not perfect. Well this is what Movea’s Gyration Air Mouse is all about. You can maneuver your mouse on your desktop or wave it in the air to accomplish the same thing. This mouse is a step towards the future in perfecting our already stunning technologies. This will revolutionize technology because it enables you to not need a large work desk or workspace to do your computing, all you need is some atmosphere and a pc!

Dell’s 22-Inch Monitor to reach FULL HD!

22-inch monitors have generally been stuck at a 1,680 x 1,050 resolution for years with just a few notable exceptions. Now it looks like Dell is about to change that with the introduction of a newly designed, S2209W monitor with rumored 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution. The evidence stems from that prototype pictured above as well as drivers already available on Dell’s support site. This would revolutionize the pc gaming community, bringing Full HD to the, another example about how we are still making leaps and bounds and still have a long way to go before we perfect these technologies.

Aruba Networks, Babylon provides WIFI for US Soliders in Iraq

Aruba Networks already installed the “world’s largest” WLAN network at The Ohio State University, but its latest deployment just seems strangely more, how do we say… patriotic. Tag-teaming with Babylon Telecommunications, the pair has rolled out a WiFi network that will provide internet access to over 20,000 US soldiers at Joint Base Balad in Iraq. Believe it or not, there was no existing authorized web access at the base before these two stepped in, but thanks to a contract awarded by the Army & Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES), troops at the largest US military base in the region can now e-mail loved ones with ease, test their ping times from the sandbox and join a few online poker tournaments during down time. This amazing development in technology will not only bring more joy and convenience to the soldier’s time at war, but most likely save lives with better communication. The technology revolutionizes the war front, just another step to make war more bearable.


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