Course Questions

What are some of the things that you would like to accomplish this school year?

I would like to learn the basic skills of the basic programs on the computer. I’d be interested to gain skills in photo editing and web publishing. It would also be nice to brush up on the standard microsoft programs like powerpoint. I would love to learn how to blog like I’ve never blogged before.

What types of technology are you interested in? Why?
Types of technology I’m intersted in is mostly nano, computer and automotive technology. Nano technology is where the future is, and is very interesting to see what developments will happen with this technlology. Computers keep getting smaller, faster, and stronger. I play quite a few games on my personal computer so I’m always interested to see whats new for the computer. Car technology is headed for some new heights in future  years, it will be cool to see what happens with finding an energy source such as hydrogen, cars will keep getting more efficient, faster, more aerodynamic, and better looking.

What piece of technology could you not live without? Why?



I could not live without my computer and my television. Simply because they are my two most used forms of entertainment and without them I would find myself with nothing to do. The computer is my lifeline, weather i’m selling something, checking my email, or listening to my massive library of music, my computer is a key part to my day.

What would you like to learn about this year in this course?

I would like to learn skills in programs for photo editing, I have always been very interested, but have never learned because the programs usually confuse me and I have trouble teaching myself how to use the infinite uitilities the programs have to offer. 



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